Construction System Design

(Virtual Mockup)


A process in which 3D System Design Software is used to design and analyze the construction of a complex building system (e.g. form work, glazing, tie-backs, etc.) in order to increase planning.

Potential Value:

  • Increase constructability of a complex building system
  • Increase construction productivity
  • Increase safety awareness of a complex building system
  • Decrease language barriers

Resources Required:

  • 3D System design software

Team Competencies Required:

  • Ability to manipulate, navigate, and review 3D model
  • Ability to make appropriate construction decisions using a 3D System Design Software
  • Knowledge of typical and appropriate construction practices for each component

Selected Resources:

  • Leventhal, Lauren.” Delivering Instruction for Inherently-3D Construction Tasks: Lessons and Questions for Universal Accessibility”. Workshop on Universal Accessibility of Ubiquitous Computing: Providing for the elderly.
  • Khemlano (2007). AECbytes: Building the Future (October 18, 2007).