New Uses of BIM Document Released!
The Uses of BIM document is designed to communicate the BIM Uses classification system and BIM Use Purposes.

Version 2.0 of the BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners Released June 2013.

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Please take some time to review our BIM Use definitions. Valuable comments and feedback on existing uses and new BIM uses are welcome.

BIM Project Execution Planning Guide Version 2.1 now available for download here.

BIM Project Execution Planing Guide - Version 2.0 BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners

Welcome to the Computer Integrated Construction(CIC) Research Program's BIM Planning Website. At the CIC Research Program, our goal is to develop and disseminate a structured procedures for the adoption and implementation of BIM on Projects and in Organizations.

Building Information Modeling is a process focused on the development, use and transfer of digital information model of a building project to improve the design, construction and operations of a project or portfolio of facilities. The National Building Information Modeling Standards (NBIMS) Committee defines BIM as:

“.. a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics. A BIM is a shared knowledge resources for information about a facility forming a reliabe basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.”

In 2007, the Charles Pankow Foundation, along with others, awarded the CIC research program a grant to develop a BIM Project Execution Planning guide. A well documented BIM Project Execution guide will help ensure all parties are clearly aware of opportunities and responsibilities associated with the incorporation of BIM into a project work flow. This guide provides a structured procedure for creating and implementing a BIM Project Execution Plan. The goal for developing this structured procedure is to ensure planning and elaborate communication among the project participants during the early phases of a project.

In 2011, the Charles Pankow Foundation, along with others, awarded the CIC research program a grant to begin the development of an Owner's Guide to Building Information Modeling. During the research and creation of the very successful BIM Project Execution Planning Guide, the group determined there was a need to develop a guide for facility owners and operators that includes a procedure to develop a strategy for integrating BIM throughout their organization. This guide, developed primarily for facility owners, will focus on the decisions required to define their organization's standard BIM processes and practices; design information integration strategies; and identify appropriate BIM contracting strategies.

The goal of the website is to be a hub for the Project BIM Execution, Owner BIM Execution Planning Guides and BIM use definitions. Please take some time to review our research and we welcome your feedback. For any further information, comments and contact, please refer to our Feedback section.

Thank you for your interest in our work and your continued support to the CIC Research Program.